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Outstanding Warrant in New York City?

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Outstanding warrants are a serious problem; you could be picked up at any time and put in jail awaiting a hearing. If they consider that you are a flight risk, as there is already a warrant, you may not be allowed freedom until the matter is resolved. It is best to address these matters quickly before the situation escalates. It is crucial that you get legal help from a NYC warrants attorney from Musa-Obregon Law PC to take action and help you avoid the serious repercussions you could face.

In some cases the warrant is related to a failure to pay a fine, attend alcohol treatment classes or attend a meeting with a probation officer. There are instances when an individual has moved and not received the order to appear in court; this will not make much difference if you are picked up as you will still be taken to jail to await your hearing on the warrant and the issues that led to it. Bench warrants for a failure to appear can lead to serious trouble and should be acted upon by your defense lawyer at once.

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The Warrant Process

In order to obtain a warrant, first a judge and other law enforcement personnel must hold a warrant application hearing. During this hearing, the judge will review the circumstances involved in the case and determine if there is enough probable cause to merit the issuance of an arrest or search warrant. If there is indeed enough probable cause to necessitate a warrant it is highly advisable that you seek out a defense attorney immediately. Trying to avoid or run away from your situation will only make matters worse and you could face additional charges.

If a warrant has been issued or if a warrant application hearing is to be held in order to obtain a warrant for your arrest or in order to search through your property, you must take active steps to defend your interests.

Experienced, Aggressive Queens Defense Counsel for Your Warrant

When probation is part of a sentence, the judge can be very harsh if they feel that the individual took advantage of the situation and failed to adhere to the terms of their probation, whether in mandated treatment to other requirement. They could decide that they want to give you the full sentence that you avoided by being on probation and even tack on extra days or weeks for violating probation. Fast action should be taken on your behalf so that the least damage is done prior to being picked up.

The legal team at the firm knows the ongoing stresses of daily life can lead to errors and a warrant. The NYC warrants lawyers will move forward quickly to negotiate on your behalf and seek to have the matter resolved without jail time or the necessity to face the court. If you have already been picked up by law enforcement, the firm will take the actions necessary to get the matter brought to resolution as quickly as possible with the least amount of damage to you and your future.

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