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There are many factors that go into raising a child. Chief among them, however, is making sure the child is well cared for and gets what they need to thrive. If you and another co-parent are struggling to find a healthy balance to meet the needs of your child, contact the Queens divorce attorney at Musa-Obregon Law PC today to get started on fighting for their rights in court.

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New York Laws on Supporting a Child

In this state, parents are required to see a child through their 21st birthday, offering them financial support and health insurance coverage until that time. This means that unless the child becomes married, self-supportive, or has requested to be emancipated, the parent in physical custody of the child is entitled to receive support payments.

A parent is entitled to child support even if:

  • Both parents were not married, in which case, there will need to be a paternity test in order to determine who will make payments
  • The custodial parent is financially capable of supporting the child on their own
  • Both parents live together but one of them refuses to support the child financially

Making Effective Plans

When you file to receive child support, you should keep in mind that many things can change over the years following the court order. By having the help of a Queens divorce attorney on your side, you can better understand what to protect and how to make the best use of the legal options you have available. Planning correctly can help you avoid costly modifications in the years to come.

If you have questions about your situation, contact Musa-Obregon Law PC today. Our firm will help you consider your family’s needs during your free consultation. Do not hesitate to get started.

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