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Drug Possession in New York: The Basics

Drug Possession in New York: The Basics

Although common, facing charges for drug possession can be scary and those arrested often worry about the impact that such a crime will have on their record, not to mention their future. Will you be sitting in a jail cell for the next year? How much is this offense going to cost you when it's all said and done?

If you were recently arrested and have questions about your charges, it can be helpful to arm yourself with pertinent information. Knowledge is power, as they say, and you can never have too much knowledge when it relates to the very outcome of your future.

New York's Drug Classification System

The state of New York has a long list of drugs which are considered illegal, including cocaine, marijuana, and heroin. Both the drugs themselves and the compounds used to make them are illegal to possess and if found on your person, you could face charges. Although marijuana has been legalized in numerous states, New York is not yet one of them.

Drugs are placed into five different Schedules. Each Schedule includes drugs that become less dangerous and less likely to be abused, starting with Schedule I and progressing down to Schedule V.

In order to penalize someone convicted of drug possession, the state evaluates the Schedule of drugs involved and applies the appropriate penalties. Not all drug crimes are considered felonies, but most are,so the charges can be extremely serious.

A person can also face the following penalties:

  • Fines
  • Time in prison
  • Probation
  • Drug counseling programs

Our New York drug crime attorneys have handled numerous drug possession cases and utilize effective strategies to obtain the results needed. As a team, we have more than 75 years of combined legal experience. Don't hesitate to contact our firm if you've been arrested – the sooner, the better!


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