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Drug manufacturing is one of the most serious drug crimes that a person may be accused of. This offense involves using certain chemical processes to create controlled substances, in violation of the law. Most drug manufacturing charges involve methamphetamine, a stimulant that is classified as a Schedule II substance under the New York State Controlled Substances Act. Most drug manufacturing charges are classified as felonies, and a defendant may face imprisonment and fines of varying degrees depending on the type and amount of controlled substance and whether the defendant has prior convictions on his or her record.

The serious nature of drug manufacturing charges makes involving a New York City criminal defense lawyer of the utmost importance. If you have been arrested for or accused of any type of drug offense, you may be in danger of losing your freedom and various rights. You may face years in state prison and heavy fines, not to mention the burden of living with a criminal record for the rest of your life. Make sure you have the best chance at avoiding a conviction by utilizing the services of a skilled attorney as soon as possible.

Penalties for Methamphetamine Manufacturing in New York

Methamphetamine manufacturing in the third degree is a class D felony under New York State Penal Code § 220.73. This offense is described as knowingly possessing and intending to use laboratory equipment and certain chemical substances for the manufacture of methamphetamine. This offense may be charged as the class C felony of meth manufacturing in the second degree if the defendant has a previous conviction for a methamphetamine-related offense or is accused of meth manufacturing in the presence of another person who is under the age of 16. Class B felony charges may apply if the defendant has a previous meth manufacturing in the second-degree conviction within the past five years.

Felony drug crimes, including drug manufacturing, are typically not eligible for treatment or rehabilitation in lieu of imprisonment, and it will be in the court's discretion to decide what a defendant's sentence may be, depending on the unique circumstances surrounding his or her case. Methamphetamine manufacturing in the first degree, a class B felony offense, may carry a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison and a fine of up to $30,000.

Drug Paraphernalia Charges & Manufacturing in Queens

New York State Penal Code § 220.50 discusses drug paraphernalia charges. According to this law, a person may face class A misdemeanor charges for being in possession of or selling certain items that may be used to manufacture, mix, prepare, package or dispense narcotic drugs or stimulants. This may include dilutants, adulterants, vials, capsules, scales and balances. As such, a defendant may face misdemeanor charges even if no controlled substances were actually found, but the supplies to manufacture such substances were present.

Manufacturing Methamphetamine

According to §220.73 of the New York codes,

A person is guilty of unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine when he or she possesses at the same time and location, with intent to use, or knowing that another intends to use each such product to unlawfully manufacture, prepare or produce methamphetamine:
1. Two or more items of laboratory equipment and two or more precursors, chemical reagents or solvents in any combination; or
2. One item of laboratory equipment and three or more precursors, chemical reagents or solvents in any combination; or
3. A precursor: (a) mixed together with a chemical reagent or solvent; or (b) with two or more chemical reagents and/or solvents mixed together.

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Led by a former prosecutor, the team at Musa-Obregon Law PC has 100 years of combined legal experience to apply to drug manufacturing cases. Involving an attorney now may end up meaning the difference between formal charges and the chance to go home and be with your loved ones.

Representing clients throughout New York City, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan and Queens, the firm is committed to only the highest quality criminal defense representation in the face of drug charges in state, federal and juvenile courts.

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