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8 Other States are Easier to live in than New York

8 Other States are Easier to live in than New York

A recent UCLA study has determined that based on several factors, New York State is ninth on the list of the easiest states for undocumented immigrants to live in behind such states as California, Minnesota, and Texas. Researchers at UCLA examined factors that impact undocumented immigrants most—public health, access to a driver’s license, higher education, and other regulations.

Associate Director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research sees work to be done in the Empire State, “The fact is there’s a lot more that New York can do, given what other states have done.” Significantly, New York does not offer all students who graduate high school in-state and state-financed financial aid unlike Texas, California, Illinois, Minnesota, and New Mexico.

Furthermore, passage of the DREAM Act—the process allowing granting conditional residency on undocumented immigrants and permanent residency once further qualifications are met—has been halted in the state capital.

On the other hand, New York provides health insurance to children no matter their immigration status, which allows for pregnant undocumented women to qualify for Medicaid. New York also recognizes an entire family’s size when determining eligibility for food stamps as opposed to only considering legal residents.

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