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Aggravated felonies are those crimes which carry particular immigration consequences for non-U.S. citizens. The definition of aggravated felony is set forth by the federal government and has been expanded and adjusted since it first appeared in the Immigration and Nationality Act in 1988.

Some examples of crimes which fall into this category include:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Sexual abuse of a minor
  • Drug trafficking
  • Money laundering
  • Certain firearm and explosives crimes, including trafficking
  • Particular child pornography crimes
  • Certain crimes relating to prostitution
  • Disclosing information regarding matters of national security
  • Smuggling aliens
  • Counterfeiting and forgery and certain fraud related offenses
  • Perjury, tampering with witnesses or obstruction of justice
  • Specified theft crimes or burglary offenses
  • Certain violent crimes

Some of the above may only be considered aggravated felonies in certain circumstances, for example, depending on the length of the sentence imposed. The term aggravated felony has come to be so broad as to include certain crimes which are neither aggravated nor felonies. Which crimes warrant deportation continues to be contested during specific cases as well as during more general immigration debates. The help of an experienced New York deportation defense lawyer is vital if you are facing charges where this designation may apply.

We represent individuals throughout Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Rockland County and Westchester County.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Queens & Manhattan

Due to the nature of this matter, a thorough understanding of criminal and immigration law is required to provide you with an effective defense strategy and to protect your rights. The attorneys at Musa-Obregon Law PC have extensive experience in both of these fields. We will work relentlessly to help you avoid an aggravated felony conviction and thus being barred from receiving asylum, citizenship, entering the U.S. or being granted cancellation of removal.

If you have been charged with a crime which may be deemed an aggravated felony, contact a New York criminal defense attorney for help fighting for your right to live in the United States.

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