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What to Do When Wrongfully Accused of a Crime

What to Do When Wrongfully Accused of a Crime

By: Musa-Obregon Law PC

Believe it or not, it’s not uncommon for the wrong people to be arrested for an offense they didn’t commit. Sometimes the person accused looks a lot like the individual who actually committed the crime, they share the same name, or the evidence involved is circumstantial and suspicious. If you’ve been accused of something you didn’t do, take a few of these crucial steps to keep yourself and your rights safe.

The first, and most important, thing to do is to hire an experienced New York City criminal defense lawyer. He or she will know state and federal law backward and forward, and he or she can tell you how best to proceed with the case. For example, an excellent attorney will likely advise you to take advantage of your right to remain silent. While you may want to tell your side of the story, anything you say might make you look even guiltier in the eyes of law enforcement. Let a lawyer advise you on what information is safe to divulge.

Likewise, you can decline any voluntary searches or testing until your lawyer advises you to comply or until law enforcement has a legal warrant. This may be more likely later in the case if you are still considered a suspect in the investigation.

Another thing you should refrain from doing is contacting the victim or any witnesses the prosecution has lined up against you. While it may seem like a good idea to try to tell your side of the story, the prosecution could view it as an attempt to manipulate the case or threaten the victim into compliance.

If you need assistance in this kind of situation, don’t hesitate to call Musa-Obregon Law PC. Our attorney is a veteran criminal trial lawyer who has tried dozens of criminal cases to a jury and has often achieved extraordinary results. We also offer services in Spanish. Let our legal team aggressively approach your defense. You deserve justice, and our firm is dedicated to providing skilled service. Contact us at (888) 502-8461 to schedule a free case review today.


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