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Bail and Bail Bonds in New York

Bail and Bail Bonds in New York

What Is Bail and How Is It Set?

After the arrest process has been completed, an arraignment will be held where the judge will determine whether or not bail will be set. If no bail is set, then the individual must return on a new court date set by the judge. Should the judge decide to set bail, the defendant must make bail before they are allowed to be released until the next court date. If they cannot make bail, they will be held in custody until either the next court date or the entire duration of the trial.

What Factors Do Judges Look at When Determining Bail?

Judges will take into consideration a great deal of factors before enforcing bail, including:

  • If the defendant has any prior arrests on their record
  • If they have failed to attend any prior court dates
  • If they have had any warrants out for their arrest
  • The severity of the criminal charges
  • Their background, including any community involvement, employment, and family ties

Do You Have Any Other Options If You Cannot Make Bail?

In some cases you can pursue a bail bond. Working along with a bail bonds company, you can arrange for a bond to be posted in exchange for the release of the person in custody. Bail bonds are only acceptable if the judge determines that bonds are an acceptable form of bail, as opposed to cash bail.

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Having a qualified Queens criminal defense attorney with you from the moment after your arrest and during your arraignment can help your case significantly. If you are unable to post bail, a lawyer can show you your options and encourage you towards the path that may be most beneficial in the long run.

Musa-Obregon Law PC has over 75 years of combined legal experience representing clients throughout Queens and New York City with a variety of criminal offenses.

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