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Criminal Charges and Immigration Risks

Criminal Charges and Immigration Risks

Immigrants face a variety of challenges; from finding desirable employment to jumping through hoops to appease the government, it can seem like a never ending battle to stay in the U.S. However, things can get especially complicated if an immigrant is charged with a crime. Even a simple arrest could lead to serious consequences, as it could affect an immigrant's status, even with a green card.

While some lawyers may suggest you take a plea deal to avoid maximum jail time or penalties, it is crucial that you look into to other factors as well. For example, a certain plea deal may not result in serious criminal court implications, but it may have a major impact in Immigration Court. You may have agreed to have plead guilty to a crime that makes you deportable, without even realizing it.

What should I do to protect my status in the U.S.?

Even if you were arrested and the charges were dropped or dismissed, the arrest can still have consequences for you as an immigrant. For example, if you want to demonstrate that you have good moral character on a new immigration application, you could run into serious trouble. According to U.S. law, you could be found "convicted" of a crime without ever formally being judged guilty. So if there was no official finding of guilt but you pled no contest or gave enough facts for them to enforce some type of sentence, you could be deported on this basis.

This goes to show how important it is to have an immigration attorney who understands the intricacies of the law and can stand up for your rights in criminal court. Even if you get your crimes expunged, it could still carry immigration consequences, so do not fall into a trap given by a lawyer that says they can help you clear your record down the road! It is imperative that you take all the steps necessary to prove your innocence, protect your name, and safeguard your immigration status.

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