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The President's Announcement

The President's Announcement

In an exciting turn of events, President Obama has signed a new policy that will put an end to deportation of illegal immigrants for a period of time if they meet certain criteria under the DREAM Act. The memorandum is effective immediately, but USCIS and ICE have sixty days to create a process that will execute this policy. Those who can prove they meet the criteria under the policy (age of arrival to the U.S., minimum five-year residency, no criminal record, good moral standing, and academic or military experience) will be given a two-year, renewable relief from the threat of deportation and will be allowed to apply for a work permit.

Many of the people who have been looking forward to the provisions under the DREAM Act for over a decade now have something to celebrate. Although the battle for immigration reform is far from over, our immigrant youth are in a much better position than they were even a week ago. The sudden policy change in support of these immigrants is an immense and necessary change in the immigration system of the United States. The policy ensures that discretion and consideration is used in immigration proceedings like never before. It will also hopefully prove to congress how vital our immigrants are to the economic and social fabric of this nation.

After years of inaction, the immigrant community is beginning to put pressure on the government to make a decision about immigration law and the Dream Act. Congress has be divided and deadlocked over this issue. The bill has been introduced to Congress every other year since 2001 and still no decisions have been made. The President campaigned on immigration reform and has done little to carry out his promises. This new policy is the first major step towards immigration reform in many years. Though the policy is only a provisional fix and does not provide permanent residency, it is still an important development in the immigration battle. The President is hoping to energize advocates and activists as well as opponents to start making decisions.

The Homeland Security Secretary made the official announcement for this new policy. She explained the rationale behind the decision as an attempt to introduce discretion into immigration cases. The hope is that this new strategy will allow the government to focus on cases that are of a higher priority. According to the secretary, removing young people who are active and productive members of this nation's community is counter-productive and even irrational.

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