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NYC Mayor Seeks Immigration Reform

NYC Mayor Seeks Immigration Reform

The New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently visited the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to address several pressing issues regarding immigration. It was his belief that the current restrictions on visas should be eased so that it would be easier for skilled worked and businessmen and women to enter into the country and enrich the current economy.

Mayor Bloomberg also addressed the proportion in which green cards are allotted; he advocated that we sway the amount we use to lure talented workers into our borders instead of using them to help families reunite through fiancé(e) visas and other means of family immigration.

By addressing these issues, it was his hope to bring fresh life and pump new blood through our economy. Looking through American history, it is not difficult to see how immigrants have made the melting pot of this nation one of the greatest countries in the world. Even in today's modern world, immigrants have made their mark by constantly seeking new improvements in technology and online innovations.

At Musa-Obregon Law PC, we know the importance of this area of the law and advocate for the rights of immigrants in every way possible. Should you choose to work with a New York City immigration attorney from our firm, you can rest assured knowing that we will be there to help applying for a visa a process that is as effective and swift as possible. Want to know more about we can help? No matter whether you're seeking to file for a visa in regards to employment or even if you are looking to file for an A-1 visa as a diplomatic officer, you can trust in our ability to help. Contact a NYC immigration lawyer from our legal team to discuss your case in more depth and to determine the best course of action.


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